2 Year Old Room

Our 2 Year Old Room encourages Potty Training, Show-N-Tell Activities and Shapes & Colors, among other things.

In our 2 year old room, we are called the Monkeys.

We work hard to help potty-train your child. We change diapers and introduce the potty-chair. We try and use the potty-chair every two hours.

Some activities we do are participating in centers, where we break down into groups of 5. We work on art, puzzles, shape and color work, fine motor activities, large motor activities.

We start Show-n-Tell in this room on Fridays, where they can bring a toy from home, and Share-n-Read on Tuesdays, where they bring a book from home to read at Circle Time. At Circle Time we talk about weather, colors, shapes, songs, ABC’s, counting, etc.

We also post our schedule outside with lesson plans for parents to view.

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