5 Year Old Room

In our 5 Year Old Room we get more advanced with writing our own names, address, phone number and Show-N-Tell.

In our 5 year old room, we are called the Pandas.

This class is all the kids who turn 5 and miss the cutoff for Kindergarten. We call it our Junior Kindergarten classroom.

We work hard on being able to write our first and last name, address and telephone number, doing art independently, learning sight words for reading, being able to describe our feelings, adding to our lesson plans for math, rhyming, cooking, science, etc.

We know and review our upper and lower case letters, we can count to 100 and write to 20.

Our objective is to know as much as we can to go to Kindergarten and just concentrate on learning new kids and teachers.

Activities the Pandas partake in throughout the day include the following: singing songs which  increases fluency, discussion of weather, colors, shapes, ABC’s, calendar, flashcards, reading with activity, counting in English and Spanish, motor skills and so much more.

We also have Show-n-Tell and Movie Day on Fridays.

We also have field trips to the Inn on Westport where we do activities and snack with the elderly, circus, zoo, the Old Courthouse Museum, Yogi Bear, Bk picnic at Sertoma park and much more.

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