Infant Room

Our Infant Room is designed to help children with formulas, sippy cups, breast milk transitions and have an Open Door Policy for parents.

In our infant room we accept children from 4 weeks old to 12 months. They are fed and changed on demand.

We offer infant formula, we provide our own fruits and vegetables pureed, and we offer infant foods and infant cereal.

We do art with the infants once a week, so parents have keepsakes.

We help parents transition from a bottle to a sippy cup. We start table food. We encourage parents to provide breast milk and provide an area for them to feed them if they want to come during the day for a visit. We have an open door policy.

We also require an infant survey to find out what you do at home for your child so we can mimic it at daycare.

We only use sleep sacks in our cribs and no blankets, we do not offer swings so there is more tummy and floor play time.

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