3 Year Old Room

Our 3 Year Old Room is where we start learning about cutting with scissors, handwriting, using flash cards and letters & numbers recognition.

In our 3 year old room, we are called the Tigers.

Here we start handwriting, cutting with scissors, assistance with art, this room is also our letter and number recognition room.

Our Lesson Plans include the followings age appropriate learning activities: reading, with an activity, art, learning centers,  ABC work, tracing and spelling name out loud, rhyme work, number work, sign language, Spanish colors and counting, flashcards, singing, and much more.

We start field trips to the zoo, apple picking, pumpkin picking, to the circus and to Sertoma Park.

We practice lining up and going to the bathrooms to wash hands before every meal. 

We also have Show-n-Tell and Movie Day on Fridays.

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